Sunday, 16 March 2014

Better Never Stops??

At the end of 2012 I was fortunate enough to go to an event honouring some of the TeamGB heroes of London 2012. They all gave inspirational speeches about their journey's, the ups and downs along the way which had taken them to the Olympics and their successes they'd had there. For me it was Alan Campbell's speech which stood out. He went on to show us what was stitched in to the lining of the collar of his jacket, 'Better Never Stops' it said. It was a phrase that had come to mean an awful lot to the team. Its something I've remembered and kept with me since then.

Fast forward to 2014 and I'm enjoying my riding. I have no plans as to where I want to take my riding but I'd like to see what I'm really capable of. When my riding club set up pilates sessions earlier this year I weighed it up as to whether I would cope with them and whether it would make my M.E. any worse. I'd last tried it in 2010 and gave up after 3 sessions as it was affecting me badly. I've heard that pilates has a number of benefits, including improving your core stability, but I'd not seen the benefits in my own riding ... Not until now that is. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

'We're not in Kansas anymore' ~ Riding in a Winter Storm

Friday night and winds of 61mph whistled through the town. At 3am the house roof felt like it was lifting, but come daylight and looking round we'd been lucky. Funny how a few years ago now when I'd first started riding the first sign of a windy day and I'd be worried. Sat morning and acknowledging the weather all I could think of was 'keep calm and carry on'. Things are changing in my mindset. No phone call from the school so riding was on.

At the stables I found I'd be on Rocco. DJ was his nosey self as we walked out. He's a character since he arrived at the stables and a bit of a live wire. He likes to know what's going on and whether you've got food on you. With all the rain we've had part of the indoor school is unusuable and mounting up has to take place indoors as well. After the past few weeks I've got the hang of sorting out Rocco's tack without him trying to nip me. He now stands calm and collected, with the exception of he had to turn around at first in the school. He still doesn't like looking at his own shadow, lol. 

Friday, 31 January 2014

January: Best Foot Forward

The 2014 Journal arrived and with it I decided no goals or aims for the year. I just want to enjoy riding, explore what I can do and see where I go. One month in and its been good. I've had Rocco every time I've been riding this month and we've had a wonderful time. Talking to my RI and she's said its interesting to see how much we've changed over the Christmas period. I'd still love to be able to canter on Rocco but to be honest, I don't mind and I'm not disappointed. Like I said, we've been having a wonderful time and I'm getting so much out of the lessons. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

There's something about the rain

Start of the 2014 Journal
Not long into 2014 and it feels like a re-run of 2012 and the continual 'flippers required' weather we had. Rivers are flooding, fields are water logged and the school on Saturday morning was an array of puddles and mud dotted everywhere. Booking in for the first lesson of the year I found I'd be on ... Rocco. Perfect. Fab start to the new year I thought. 

Rocco was back in his usual stable where he has a window looking out onto the yard watching the world go by. When I went to get him out his window still meant more to him than going out for a lesson. He reluctantly came in the end. The lesson would be my second one with my new RI, and also a challenge riding on a reduced surface space (30 by 20) as with the outside arena out of action two lessons would be running.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The 2013 Journal: Hopes and Fears

It doesn't seem like 5 mins since I wrote Welcome to your next blank journal. Time goes on and gets ever quicker. At the outset of 2013 there were only 5 things I wanted from this year: 
  • ride for more than an hour in a single session. 
  • take part in an unaffiliated dressage test, intro A or intro B. 
  • see puissance night at the Horse of the Year show.
  • get back into canter.
  • try a small show jump fence. 
The question was would I get to do any or all of them.